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Application Portfolio Assessment:

End User Feedback
Find out what users really think of IT’s business applications

Application portfolio management is nearly impossible to perform without an honest and thorough understanding of end user sentiment toward IT software.

Develop data driven insights to help you decide which applications to retire, upgrade, re-train on or maintain, to meet the demands of the business.

Assess the Health of the Application Portfolio

  • Get a full 360 view of the effectiveness, criticality and prevalence of all relevant applications, to get a comprehensive view of the health of the applications portfolio.
  • Identify opportunities to drive more value from effective applications, retire nonessential applications, and immediately address at-risk applications that are not meeting expectations.

Project Portfolio Management Diagnostic Program:

Collect the data you need to understand and optimize your PPM practices

The Project Portfolio Management Diagnostic Program is a low effort, high impact program designed to help project owners assess and improve their PPM practices.

Gather and report on all aspects of your PPM environment in order to understand where you stand and how you can improve.

  • Take stock of your current PPM practices and chart a strategy for success
  • Get everyone on the same page by understanding the customer perspective
  • Analyze your Project Portfolio Management practices in-depth for thorough improvement and optimization
  • Apply the in-depth approach to Project Management to achieve comprehensive success