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Business Continuity

EcomNets / Business Continuity

True Business Continuity requires that applications need to be recovered within a specific amount of time. At EcomNets, we measure downtime in minutes, not hours or days. Our powerful image-based backup software replicates production servers, VMs, and workstations, with back up to the EcomNets’ Green Data Center so you can fully recover from nearly any disaster. Rapid recovery of individual files or whole systems, on-site, or in the cloud options increase agility and protect productivity.

How It’s Done

Image-based backups are created by taking server snapshots, operating systems, applications, and configurations of a protected machine at regular intervals. Recovery points enable fine-grained RPOs, that meet the needs of our most demanding clients. Backup images are stored at EcomNets Green Data Center and are available 24/7 for a short RTOs and fast recovery. In case of site-wide disasters, clients have multiple recovery options in the event of a server failure or disaster.

Can you afford lost productivity?

What would happen if your office suddenly wasn’t available or usable? Or do you have a plan in case of a natural or man-made disaster?

Disaster recovery planning is critical to the life of your business. You know you should be doing it, but maybe you don’t know where to start. And you’re concerned about the cost.

EcomNets Approach to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Risk and Business Impact Analysis: The ability of your organization to survive a disaster successfully is highly dependent on how much planning and testing has been done in advance. We start the process by determining your organization’s risk tolerance and the potential impact of an interruption on employees, customers and the corporate entity. We finish by establishing Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Minimum Operating Requirements (MOR).

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning: In this step, we propose appropriate continuity strategies to meet the requirements established in the analysis step. Some of the solutions we have proposed and implemented for customers include use of high availability solutions, data center mirroring, and partnering with external organizations. We finish by delivering a written and executable data disaster recovery plan.

Data DR Plan Implementation and Testing: A plan is only as good as its execution, which is why we encourage and manage routine tests of your DR plan. If your DR plan includes external vendors, we will manage their role in the test case as well. Testing results are used to continuously update the DR plan, so that it is always in step with your organization’s needs.