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EcomNets is a world class provider of Cloud Computing and Enterprise IT Solutions and creator of the Verdio line of energy efficient computers. EcomNets is actively helping enterprises and solution providers to adopt cloud technologies and leverage full benefits of private, public and hybrid cloud through a set of services, methodologies and tools. EcomNets works with customers to help them understand potential drivers for cloud adoption and define a supporting business case to realize the full benefits of operating on a cloud environment.

We specialize in energy efficient computing from the desktop to the data center, from hardware to software. One of the chief concerns, in business today, is finding ways to cut energy usage. We have been successful at reducing energy usage within IT infrastructure by up to 50%, while helping those organizations become more productive, secure, reliable, and flexible.

EcomNets delivers a complete suite of robust secure solutions that help you lower your IT carbon footprint. Our solutions are implemented in two days to two weeks with very little IT resource requirements achieving an overall reduction of your IT carbon footprint by over 50%. If you are an Education or Government Organization, call us to discuss special pricing. Or, if you are an insurance, financial services, manufacturing, distribution, retailer or non-profit organization, we have specialized solutions that can help your business run more efficiently, reduce costs, improve customer communications and support your successful business goals.