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Disaster Recovery

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Key to success in Disaster Recovery planning is choosing the right Data Recovery expert

Data disaster recovery experts or consultants are easily found in all industry verticals. Unfortunately, the challenge many businesses face is how to select the correct expert to assist with your critical needs from the pool of available consultants in the marketplace.

Traditional implementation of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning can be complex and expenses could be out of reach for many businesses. That is why many small to medium size companies do not have a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan (DR/BC Plan) in place – turn to EcomNets.

Through the introduction of new Internet technologies and streamlined processes, we are able to bring true cost reduction and minimize the complexity of implementing the DR/BC Plans each business should have for their survival. EcomNets’ tailored support plans provide you the ability to protect your mission critical data through the replication of your data to a secure, remote data center in real time. Thus ensuring none of your data is lost when a disaster strikes.

Our service offerings are scalable; with the next step, you can mirror your mission-critical IT systems at a remote data center (a hot-site). When your primary IT facility goes down, you can switch your IT systems to the mirrored site in a few minutes or less. With Internet DNS technology, you can even make the fail over to the mirror site transparent to end-users. End users will not need to make any changes or feel any impact on their productivity when a disaster hits. Internet VPN technology makes data transfer to a remote site secure and is HIPPA compliant.

EcomNets offers solutions based upon four levels of disaster recovery services depending on your desired business operations recovery time.

Virtual Servers



Online Data Storage

Business enterprises without good data storage solutions and business continuity management plans are vulnerable to operational disruptions caused by everything from nature, technology failure, infrastructure deficiencies and human activities. EcomNets offers the systems, tools, processes and expertise to support clients in their efforts to maximize productivity and minimize monetary loses due to the shutdown of core business activities by various types of unplanned disruptions.