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Executive Team

EcomNets / Executive Team

Raj Kosuri

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer

Raj Kosuri founded EcomNets in 2000. As CEO & CTO he has authored Best Practices for Business Rules Integration in 2006. Led his company to the Deloitte Fast 50 & 500 four years in a row. Was selected as one of the Smart 100 from SmartCEO Magazine in 2009. In 2009, developed the Verdio Green PC, which won the NVTC Green Award for small business 2010. In 2011, Raj released the Climetric Software designed to help Fortune 500 companies with carbon management and accounting. Raj founded the Green IT Council in 2010, an organization dedicated to energy efficiency, development, manufacture, supply chain distribution, and disposal of information technology hardware, software, and infrastructure. Raj received his M.S. from Columbia University.

Currently, Raj is working on the development of the Green Data Center in Danville, VA where he plans to offer cloud computing, disaster recovery and business continuity in a virtualized environment.

Michael Holland

Practice Director, Microsoft Solutions

Michael Holland is president of Management Advisory Systems, Corporation, an independent professional consulting firm serving a wide range of domestic and international clients, which he founded in 1993 with a group of former “Big Six” managers and industry experts. He has managed and participated in hundreds of business-based technology projects over the past twenty years. Mr. Holland has worked for Arthur Andersen and PriceWaterhouse/Coopers as a project manager and practice director supervising projects ranging from multinational, enterprise-wide systems projects to mid-size organizational reorganizations. Michael coauthored the “Guide to PC-Based Software for the Manufacturing Industry & Requirements Analyst.” In addition, he developed and taught seminars for more than a thousand participants regarding the methodology for selecting and implementing business and technology infrastructure solutions, e-commerce and Web-based solutions.