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End User Satisfaction Program

Service optimization is nearly impossible to perform without an honest and thorough understanding of end user sentiment toward IT services and software.
Develop data driven insights to help you decide what IT services need to be addressed to meet the demands of the business.

Assess Business Enablement and IT Communications

  • Evaluate end user perspectives on company innovation, IT agility, and satisfaction with how technology enables them to do their job. Identify opportunities to improve the reputation of IT, both across the organization and within specific departments.
  • Assess IT’s receptivity for end user feedback and ability to deliver timely and targeted training, ensure end users feel they are being heard and are given the skills to use the technology that IT provides.

Benefits of the Program

Evaluate IT Core Service Capabilities
Evaluate relative importance of, and satisfaction with, core IT services, broken down by seniority level, and highlight key departments where improvements are needed.

IT Security Diagnostic Program

Collect the Data You Need to Effectively Manage IT Security

+ - Step 1: Assess Current Operations Based on Best Practices

Governance & Management Scorecard

Understand your current strengths and weaknesses, then follow Info-Tech’s customized roadmap of practical and prioritized action items to improve and optimize your security governance and management.

+ - STEP 2: Measure Business Satisfaction and Identify Security Needs

IT Security Business Satisfaction & Alignment

Measure business satisfaction in terms of security confidence and the amount of friction for business processes, and analyse gaps between IT and business perceptions.

+ - STEP 3: Improve Targeted IT Security Areas

Security Process & Technology Effectiveness

Optimize IT security policies and processes, and drive improvement in technology usage and decisions.