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Project Management

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EcomNets provides critical operational support to our clients on their path to success. Short term or running parallel with them for the long haul, EcomNets ensures our client’s project success.

Effective project management that achieves success is a critical and highly specialized competency. Project managers must maintain a delicate balance of scope, schedule, cost, and risk while working to meet goals, typically across multiple projects at the same time.

EcomNets has demonstrated capabilities to be a source of project management expertise for our clients in various industries. We can provide targeted consulting or work side by side with a client’s project management staff throughout the duration of the project – from vision to post-implementation. Example, for a multi-national shipping company, EcomNets defined requirements for modernizing its financial management system and then provided ongoing support during implementation through testing and audit, review of project deliverables, and briefings to senior management on suggested improvements to the global roll-out. Our work helped to ensure the system delivered met the initial requirements.

Over the years, EcomNets has provided exceptional service to a variety of industry and government clients in the capacity of both project manager and support. Our management systems and processes are well designed and equipped to meet the unique demands of our clients. We ensure efficient and effective management of all administrative, contracting, and technical activities. We have provided superior project management support from vision inception through post-implementation.

EcomNets project management capabilities include the following:

  • Acting as a key Liaison between content owners and senior management in developing strategy
    1. Defining functional and technical requirements
    2. Supporting evaluation of alternatives
  • Creating project budgets, project schedules using MS Project, and staffing plans, coordinating with corporate contract and accounting staff to ensure proper contractual compliance, proper billing for client, and on-time production of deliverables within budget.
  • Planning and conducting software acceptance testing
  • Performing quality assurance and conformance testing so that software meets requirements as it is implemented
  • Performing special studies and analysis
  • Conducting earned value, “what if,” and trend analysis
  • Performing quality assurance reviews of deliverables.
  • Leading high-level meetings designed to report on and advance client requirements.